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In coordination with the Missouri Democratic Party, the mission and principles of the Jefferson County Democratic Central Committee are:

We believe in the rights of all Missourians to achieve economic security, have access to food and affordable housing, and to seek good jobs at a livable wage.  

We believe in the rights of employees to organize unions and bargain collectively with their employers as guaranteed in the Missouri Constitution and oppose Right to Work.

We believe in a government that puts the health, safety, and prosperity of its citizens first, one that promotes excellence in education, choices in quality health care, and a healthy environment for all Missouri citizens.

We believe in a  government that strengthens Missouri's families and protects our children, the elderly , and the disabled.

We believe in a government that values community and protects all Missouri citizens from violence and crime.

We believe there is no substitute for fair and equal representation and strong public participation in a government chosen by free and fair elections.

We believe in pursuing these ideals with honesty, integrity, and respect.

We believe in the equality of all Missouri citizens and condemn discrimination.



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